Get the most out of your energy bill

Have your electricity consumption aligned to the lowest prices

Unlocking the value of flexible electricity consumption

Electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day, hour and minute.
Capacity Energy helps businesses, by shifting their electricity consumption in time,
to profit from these price-dynamics in a way that it reduces their electricity bill.

How it works?

We will connect a small box, which contains a computer running our software, to the customer’s device or process which can be varied in time. This box communicates with our platform. It sends information to the platform about the price and availability of flexibility.

The platform compares this information with real time market data and the the price and availability of other flexibility sources. The platform then communicates back to the box if it should ramp up, or ramp down the process or device to be profitable.

Meet our customers

Greenhouse saved 30% on their electricity consumption by using CES software.

Hospital monetised their idle back-up power by selling it back to the market

You can connect the following assets

Unlock the value of the grid